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Luxeo 6Z Stereo Zoom Microscope


















Two flexible goosenecks cables are integrated within the focus bracket, creating more clearance for controlling focus drive. A built in 23-LED ring light with sectional controls will enable axial illumination while mitigating surface glare. An intuitive membrane switch cluster makes light intensity control convenient.

A bright LED base light illuminates objects from below. Users can quickly convert the system into a slim-base setup by removing the illumination cartridge. A lever toggles between bright field and dark field transmitted illumination for biological specimen. Flex Arm, Boom Stand, and Slim Base stand options are available.

A well-designed 6:1 Zoom system provides ease and comfort in accessing the right resolution. A detent system with magnification stops can be engaged for calibrating systems to processes. MaxLite™ coatings on all optical surfaces reduce glare and improve light homogeneity in the most demanding environments.


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WS800 Series Research Stereo Microscope

· Excellent image quality and optical performance with Infinity Parallel Optical System.

· Comfortable operation with ergonomic design.

· LED light for both incidental and transmitted illumination providing even illumination and life expectancy up to 6000 hours.

· A wide range of accessories are available for the WS800 for use in Industrial, Medical and Scientific Research fields.


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