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DZ4 High Resolution Zoom Microscope

High magnification and High Resolution Zoom Microscope

Lightweight / Compact

Zoom ratio 12:1 (0.83X to 10X)

Fiber Optic / LED Illumination

5 objective options



ZC5 0.42x - 5x W.D. 45 mm (Total Magnification 25.2x - 300x)

ZC15 1.25x - 15x W.D. 46.2mm (Total Magnification 75x - 900x)

ZC50 4.16x - 50x W.D. 14 mm (Total Magnification 249.6x - 3000x)

ZC30 2.530x W.D. 35.25mm (Total Magnification 150x - 1800x)

ZC70 5.83x - 70x W.D. 7.1mm (Total Magnification 349.8x - 4200x)



The above total magnification is obtained with 1/2" CCD & 19" Monitor



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