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Motic BA300 Polorizing Microscope

The Motic BA300Pol polarizing microscope is part of the BA series comprising a range of models with outstanding system simplicity and optical performance for Life Science, Geology, Material Science & Forensics.

To meet increasing demands for a dedicated, professional polarizing microscope, the BA300Pol features strain-free CCIS optics built-up around a sturdy frame with centerable objectives.


Optical System CCIS (Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System) Parfocal distance:45mm
Observation Tube Siedentopf type Binocular tube 30°
Siedentopf type Trinocular tube 30° (light distribution: binocular 100%, binocular/photo: 0/100)
Eyepiece Widefield high eyepoint WF 10X (FN20) with diopter adjustment
Coarse/Fine focusing Control knobs coaxially positioned; movement per rotation: 42mm coarse/0.2mm fine; minimum increment:2mm
coarse motion torque adjustable; upper stage drive stop incorporated.
Stage Rectangular 174 x 145mm surface area; 76 x 50mm cross travel range using low-positioned coaxial X and Y control knob on the right hand
side. A hard coating protects the stage surface from abrasion and wear. Vertical movement range - 27mm
Substage Illumination 6V/30W Quartz halogen lamp.
Filter Blue, green, yellow and ND filter



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