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Luxeo 6Z Stereo Zoom Microscope


Traditional approaches to stereo illumination can be cumbersome and get in the way of routine operation. Alleviating this pain point inspired a user friendly, versatile approach to delivering brilliant illumination features in the Luxeo 6Z, all in one sleek package.


The Luxeo 6Z allows users to choose an ultra-bright front mounted gooseneck arrangement that efficiently hides all wiring in the arm bracket, while keeping the goosenecks away from focus controls. This provides the user with hassle free control of indirect illumination angles. Ring light only options are also available.



A built-in 23-LED ring light with controllable sectors means users can light up a range of objects with bright, homogeneous, and oblique light. An intuitive light control cluster ensures easy intensity control for both gooseneck and ring light options, situated near the microscope’s smooth focus controls for ultimate convenience.






Two flexible goosenecks cables are integrated within the focus bracket, creating more clearance for controlling focus drive. A built in 23-LED ring light with sectional controls will enable axial illumination while mitigating surface glare. An intuitive membrane switch cluster makes light intensity control convenient.




A bright LED base light illuminates objects from below. Users can quickly convert the system into a slim-base setup by removing the illumination cartridge. A lever toggles between bright field and dark field transmitted illumination for biological specimen. Flex Arm, Boom Stand, and Slim Base stand options are available.





A well-designed 6:1 Zoom system provides ease and comfort in accessing the right resolution. A detent system with magnification stops can be engaged for calibrating systems to processes. MaxLite™ coatings on all optical surfaces reduce glare and improve light homogeneity in the most demanding environments.




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